How you can donate and help OUR Church

At Eternity, we believe giving to Christ’s church is an act of worship, and that both our attitude toward giving and practice of giving indicates our level of spiritual maturity and commitment to Christ’s mission. Faithful giving also makes us more generous overall, freeing us from the bonds of materialism, allowing us to better show Christ’s love to a watching world, and providing a platform for further spiritual growth. Giving is important to God because it is a matter of the heart; therefore, it’s important to us.

ways you can donate:



You can come on Sunday morning service at 10:45 am or Tuesday night to bible study at 6:30pm

if you forgot to donate while at service or you aren't in town, you can click on the donate button and donate via phone or computer.


If you are one who does not like to pay for things online, you can send a check via mail to 12550 Independence Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75035